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  1. Hendra Hartono
    For the past 21 years, Hendra has assisted and provided solutions to more than 150 major corporations with 100 of them are fortune 700 companies. Over those years, Hendra has been involved in more than 500 real estate related transactions with a value of over USD 2 Billion. Besides managing the daily operation of the whole company, he also specialized in securing and maintaining client relations with major local and multinational corporations and prominent property developers.
  2. Darsono Tan
    Darsono’s career spanning over 15 years in the property consulting industry is evident in his broad experience in all aspects of residential and commercial leasing. Prior to joining Leads Property, Darsono was an Associate Director at PT Procon Indah and before that, an Associate Director at PT Koll IPAC (now Colliers International). During his career, Darsono has managed to secure the leasing of over 600,000 sqm of office space on behalf of clients.
  3. IGAM Savitri
    IGAM’s career has spanned over 16 years where she started as Marketing Executive right to Associate Director at Procon Indah prior to joining Leads, where she has not only overseen and managed the leasing of more than 400,000 sqm of office space on behalf of the building owners, but also dealt with an impressive total face value of more than IDR 1.5 Trillion of leased office space. A Bachelor’s degree graduate from the University Persada Indonesia YAI, she also has a diploma in Business Studies from London School of Public Relations.
  4. Kazim Ali Bokhari
    Before joining PT. Leads Property Service Indonesia, Kazim Bokhari worked for Worldwide Research in Criminal Justice Pvt. Ltd, Islamabad, Pakistan. Prior to that, he was a Research Manager for Northern Region of Real Estate Development and Advisory at PT. Colliers International Pakistan Pvt. Limited, Pakistan. His experiences are mostly in property research, consultancy and advisory for over 8 years.
  5. Erwin Mardian
    Erwin Mardian's career has spanning over 23 years in the property industry which his major particular in the field of Property & Facility Management Services (Office, Commercial, Residential, Superblok), for more than 45 projects has been set up & manage/ coordinate. Prior joining Leads Property, he was the Director for Property Division Subsidiary of PT Barito Pacific, Agung Sedayu Group, KOLL IPAC (now Colliers International), Agung Podomoro, etc.
  6. Yosephine Tita
    Tita has over 9 years’ experience in Office Leasing and Corporate Occupiers Services. She has assisted both multinational and major local companies in sourcing office spaces and undertaking the cost and benefit analysis of Move versus Stay, starting from Strategic Review Stage up to the Implementation Stage, which covers the preparation of office accommodation study, financial analysis and negotiation strategy. In her last 2 years, she has been also involved in some major retail projects and portfolio management services.Prior to joining PT. Leads Property Services Indonesia in April 2010, Tita was a Senior Marketing at PT. Procon International.